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Villas for sale in Trancoso and Arraial d'Ajuda (Bahia, Brazil)




Refurbishing project - for a real luxury villa or boutique hotel - with amazing views - for only €500000!


This spacious and modern villa - formerly used as a commercial property - is an excellent conversion project already including detailed architecture plans for an amazing villa on almost 1600m2 (0.4 acres).

Its location, however, makes it also a candidate for a commercial project; e.g. for 6 to 8 apartments - or a boutique hotel, spa, plus commercial spaces.

It is located 200m from the centre of Arraial d'Ajuda (Porto Seguro - Trancoso area), and 200m from the beach - an unbeatable combination for those who want to enjoy everything the village has to offer.

Its unique location - at the extreme corner of a clifftop - guarantuees spectacular (and untakeable!) views which are arguably the best in the whole Arraial - Trancoso region... covering dozens of miles of beautiful beaches along the whole coastline.

The main house would boasts 4 very generous bedroom suites with en-suite bathrooms on a spacious 1593m2 plot, and totals approx. 700m2 built. (7500 square feet) distributed over 2.5 levels.

A separate little house in authentical Bahian, colonial style, could either be maintained (as a guest house, offices, commercial space, or as a gym or leisure area), or replaced by new construction. Located close to the street corners, it provides privacy and a charming view from the main house, plus it has a certain commercial value.

The property is surrounded by some of the best boutique hotels and pousadas of Arraial as well as a few multi-million dollar homes.

Note - plot prices in this area are around R$1000/m2, meaning that the plot itself is worth more than the asking price of the house.




The property is located at the end of the famous "Mucugé" street, on the corner of the street that leads to Pitinga beach.

Mucugé street is the picturesque and romantic street in Arraial that concentrates most bars and restaurants and offers quite a bit of nightlife.
After the restaurant, there is a stretch of about 300m that hosts mainly boutique hotels like Mai-Tei and pousadas like Baixu.

This means the property is really close to all the entertainment options while at the same time, far enough not to suffer from it at night.

During daytime, its location on the access road to both Mucugé and Pitinga beach - which makes it also a commercial location - means that until sunset, some traffic noise can not be avoided, although it stays within reason as those are narrow roads and the property is perched on the cliff, well above the road.


Pousada Baixu

Pousada Mai Tei

Pousada Beijo do Vento

Another home for sale in the same street - R$5.5 million (approx. €2.5 million - US$3.5mi)
In comparison, this house has a quieter location, similar size, same view, but less privacy.

The commercial part of Mucugê street (during siesta time)


The area and the beaches

The property is located just in front of Mucugê beach, which features half a dozen of beach bars in different styles, from local to sofisticated beach clubs like Plage Blanche.
Two hundred meters to the south, a small river marks the limit of Parracho beach and further south one finds famous Pitinga beach, the Club Med, and then the TerraVista Golf course.

The beco das Cores - one of the little alleys on Mucugê street, with cool bars opening at night

Mucugé beach. (On the left, you can notice the pink colour of the Mucugê cliff on which this plot is located)

At low tide, the reefs in the back create a fantastic warm lagoon. Great for kitesurfers as well.

Mucugê, Parracho... and in the far distance, Pitinga with the Club Med

Parracho beach, just a few minutes further south.


The villa project

The current owner, a UK private banker who now moved to Hong Kong, had planned to convert this property back into a stunning villa, and in fact, 80% of the heavy construction work already has been done. The key part missing is the roof; but all floors and walls and most of the plumbing is already in place. The budget to finish the villa depends of course on the level of finish required, but would range anywhere from R$250000 to R$450000, which would bring the total cost to around R$1.5 million - less than half of the property's market value!

The project as originally intended is shown at the very bottom of this page. If required, the full architectural plans can be delivered with the property and adapted to the buyer's personal preferences.

Top floor

The top floor would feature the more private area - with two generous master suites spread over 158m2 of constructed area, plus 81m2 of terraces.

The 2 master bedrooms each feature a walk-in closet, a double shower room, a large vanity with double sink, and...
an extra outdoor shower, complete with seaview!

This way, you can enjoy your morning shower under the blue skies, surrounded by exotic plants and taking in
the panoramic views to the sea.

Outdoors, this level features very spacious sun terraces, all with amazing views - for your private enjoyment.

Pool level

This level features the entertainment areas and guest suites, totalling 303m2 of constructed and covered areas, with a split-level design that separates the guest suites from the entertainment areas.

Inside, its covered/constructed area includes a spacious sauna (with views to the pool and the sea (!),
plus additional showers
and toilets that virtually convert this house into a private spa.

It also features ample entertainment areas divided in three areas-

1 - a panoramic dining room (61m2) - with an additional lounge terrace, surrounded by the tropical vegetation -
2 - a second lounge/dining area (47m2) on a slightly raised level, featuring sea and pool views
3 - a separate home office or home theatre area (14m2) that could also be used for a pool table, bar etc.

A spacious 55m2 kitchen, with a cooking island, allows guest to socialize around the preparation of the meals - or not.
In the back of the kitchen, a theatrical "window" could either be used as a video projection wall, wine cellar or winter garden.

Next to the kitchen, staff rooms (with separate entry), laundry rooms etc. make the household run smoothly.
A separate back entrance for staff and deliveries makes sure that owners and guests enjoy total privacy and do not have to be disturbed for anything.

Outside, the main level features a 17 meter long, curved infinity pool with a "wet deck", an a spacious combination of decks and gardens.
Below the main entertainment room, a jungle-covered slope provides privacy; but could be used to create a few lounge spots in the middle of the jungle.

Two more spacious guest suites are on a separate level for privacy.
Each suite features a spacious bedroom (24m2) plus a bathroom with large vanity and double sink; a separate toilet, and an open air shower room.

This guest area also benefits from a small private garden.




Bonus - a real Bahia style cottage...

In front of the main house, a small "cottage" in real Bahia style has so far been preserved... as it provides a cute little house to look at from the main house as well as a privacy shield hiding the main house almost entirely from the street.

Great for an office, gym, pool table or party house... while at the same time, its location on the corner also allows it to be used for commercial purposes.

Bonus - the little Bahia style house near the pool

Of course, it could also be taken down and if required, replaced by new construction. As the plot goes all the way to the corner of the street, well beyond this cottage, one could also take this opportunity to make the garden/pool area almost three times larger than it is today.


Market evaluation

Homes in this street are priced between R$3.5 and R$5.5 million. Those at the lower range offer the same views but considerably lower design and construction values. The most comparable houses, on a similar "corner" location on the clifftop, are priced over R$5 million.

This price range is comparable to the one of homes in the Terravista Golf resort with golf views.


Images of the construction site

A small part of the view from the master bedroom terrace.

The second master. The narrow privacy window on the left offers seaview from an outdoors shower.

View from the main entrance. The guest suites are on the right.

The guest suites are in the bottom; the second master suite on top. Trees provide privacy.



We are currently in Brazil, so please drop us an email to set up a phone call!

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We are currently in Brazil, so please drop us an email to set up a phone call!

Please contact





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